What you need to Begin Processing Credit Cards

In order to use the Arvic Secure system you will need:

We offer 2 different Arvic Secure (AS) Set-up Packages to better meet your business's needs. Please view our Rates and Fees section for processing prices.

Our Full E-Commerce Package is a limited time special that includes all the necessary components you will need in order to get your online sales up-and-running. 

The Full E-Commerce special is an amazing deal, and can save you over $315.56! 

The Standard Set-Up The Full E-Commerce Set-Up
Includes: Includes:
Set-Up and instruction onto the AS system  $157.50 Set-Up and instruction onto the AS system $157.50
E-Store Shopping Cart with Database 52.50
Full online Administration   2 years of domain name registration/renewal 41.06
Access to Reports/Voids/Credits/Virtual Terminal   6 Months of FREE PROCESSING!!!!!!!!!!! 315.00
Software License   E-Store Shopping Cart with Database 52.50
Site Inspection   Full online Administration     
Access to preliminary Test Transaction Area   Access to Reports/Voids/Credits/Virtual Terminal    
"Proof of Purchase" email creation   Software License  
    Site Inspection  
    Access to preliminary Test Transaction Area  
    "Proof of Purchase" email creation  





Standard Package Total:

$ 157.50

Full E-Commerce Package Total: 

$ 250.50

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Getting your Merchant Account

1. Go to your Bank. If you are currently in business and have bank accounts, then you need to go to your bank and ask for Merchant Accounts. Merchant Accounts will enable you to accept credit cards. 

Your bank may want to know the nature of your credit card transactions, and you can feel free in telling them that you will be using the Arvic Secure SNS/Assure Payment system, also known as Emergis. If your bankers have any questions, then please invite them to call us in this regard.

If you need assistance in applying for a Merchant Account, please fill out our Merchant Application.

While you are waiting for your Merchant Accounts to be activated, you can proceed through the next steps.

2. Get an SSL Certificate. In order to do secured transactions online, you will need a SSL Certificate. Your ISP or Web Host may have these available to you, and if they do not, then you can purchase one from us.

3. Integrate your Shopping Cart/Accounting program into your web site. You will need to talk to your Web Host or Web designer in order to get this step correctly prepared. If you would like to use our Shopping Cart, please try the demonstration of how this works.

If you will only doing telephone payments, then this step is not necessary, because you will simply use our Credit Card Transaction Interface page to process your payments. This Interface will be supplied by us that you will call-up straight from your desktop when someone calls you with a payment.

4. Apply for Arvic Secure. Once you have your Merchant Account Numbers from your bank, select the Arvic Secure Package best suited for your needs through the Apply Now area. 

From this point, we will set up your credit card processing. Within the week you can be fully operational and transacting credit cards online in RealTime. If you have any questions throughout this process, please contact us at the numbers provided at the bottom of this page.

5. Login to your Merchant Services. From this web site under the "Merchant Login" link in the top right-hand corner, you will be able to view your transactions, and pay your monthly statement... among other features.

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We have a network of other web sites and services.... New Rent a Server

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