ArvicSecure and E-Store Demos 

We have two Demonstrations available for your e-commerce needs. 

1. We have the ArvicSecure Credit card Transaction Demonstration so that you can see how easy it can be to set up your web site to process credit cards.

2. The E-Store Demonstration is also available if you need a shopping cart program with Database capabilities and full online Administrative Management functions. See for yourself if E-Store is right for your web site's initial, or long-term needs. 

In order to access these demonstrations, please fill in the information* below and we will send you the links to these two Arvic E-Commerce demonstrations.

Customer Name:
 Use your first and last names.
  MUST be a valid email to receive the demo link.
Please answer to the following questions:
 Do you currently operate a business? 
Do you own any trademarks? 
Do you own any domain names? 
Do you have your own web site? 
Is you web site secure? 
Do you accept payments by credit card? 

*The additional information asked might be used at a later date to follow-up on how you liked the ArvicSecure and E-Store Demonstrations, and other services that Arvic Search Services Inc. can offer you. All information sent to you will be on an opt-in, opt-out basis. Therefore you can remove yourself from the mailing list at any time.

If you have any questions please read our Privacy disclosure.

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