Requirements for Canadian Presence

Requirements for corporations wishing to do business in Canada.

Those corporations that are not currently resident in Canada can take advantage of Canada's liberal tax laws and Arvic's credit card processing services by either incorporating a new "Canadian Presence" similar to the way companies now incorporate offshore or by registering their existing foreign corporation, called an "Ex-Pro registration", to do business in Canada. The process for either is very simple and straight forward. Arvic, as a firm of corporate paralegals, provides both services through forms on our web site.

Under Canadian laws it is not necessary for shareholders of a Canadian or Provincial corporation to be residents of the country. In fact there is no requirement that a Canadian corporation have an office, employees or carry on business of any form in Canada. Therefore, a new company can be incorporate, with a nominee director who is a resident Canadian who signs a power of attorney, by almost any non-resident.

To use are credit card processing services you will need to establish the following.

  1. Either incorporate a new "Canadian Presence" corporation or complete the "Ex-Pro registration" of your existing foreign corporation into Canada.
  2. Have an officer of your bank introduce you to officer of a Canadian bank with whom your banker has a corresponding relationship. The Canadian Banker will set up bank accounts for you and arrange for your merchant accounts.
  3. Register the .CA version of your current Domain name.
  4. Create a Canadian version of your current web site with all items listed  for sale in Canadian dollars.
  5. Install Quick SSL on the new web site.
  6. Install Shopping Cart software on your web server.
  7. Complete our Apply Now new merchant application form.

Arvic's fee to register your "Limited Liability" Canadian Presence company is $667.10 US dollars inclusive of all Government fees.. To Register a "Canadian Presence" corporation  in Canada click "Canadian Presence".

Arvic's fee register your existing corporation in Canada is $294.25. For details on the requirements for an Ex-Pro registration click Extra Provincial Details. To Register your existing company in Canada click Ex-Pro. To view the individual provincial government fee click Disbursement.

Our paralegal services are currently used by a large number of law firms, individual lawyers, registry offices and accountants from not only across Canada but around the world. There is no substitute for quality, knowledge and experience. When you consider our fees remember others use our service, add a surcharge, and pass the bill on to you. We have been providers a full range of professional corporate paralegal services, at a price competitive with the discounters, since 1983. 

To learn why we are considered to be the competition, view our other services, or for pricing information on the various other types of incorporation services offered we invite you to view our Schedule of Fees.


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