Rates and Fees

The market for credit card processors in Canada is limited, however, there certainly is competition in the USA, therefore, we have established rates that are comparable with those offered in the USA as well as those offered by Canadian Banks.

Our fees cover 2 services: the initial Set-up, and the ongoing monthly and per transaction fees.

Our limited time Full E-Commerce Set-up package gives you everything you need to start your e-commerce site at a savings of over $345.00! Offer extended until June 2008.

The Standard Set-Up

The Full E-Commerce Set-Up

Includes: Includes:
Set-Up and instruction onto the AS system


Set-Up and instruction onto the AS system  $157.50
E-Store Shopping Cart with Database


2 years of domain name registration/renewal 41.06
    6 Months of FREE PROCESSING!!!!!!!!!!!
(or 1000 transactions)
    E-Store Shopping Cart with Database 52.50





Standard Package Total:


Full E-Commerce Package Total:




Apply Now

Apply Now


Monthly Services

Base fee per month - includes first 100 transactions


Per Transaction fee - over the initial 100 transactions


Full online Administration

Access to Reports/Voids/Credits/Virtual Terminal
Software License
Site Inspection
Access to preliminary Test Transaction Area
"Proof of Purchase" sales receipt email

GST included

We have a network of web sites and services

We have a network of other web sites and services.... New Rent a Server

to Start your Business;

to Protect your Business; to Expand your business; ...and to make Money; 

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