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E-Commerce Solutions

Online Credit Card Processing Services

Reseller Processing – We can set your business up with online credit card processing for fast and easy ordering with your existing merchant accounts. Or, we can help you get your merchant accounts for both Visa and MasterCard, in both Canadian and US dollars if needed.

New Merchant Account – offer your clients new merchant accounts with Visa and MasterCard in Canadian or US dollars for a small set-up fee of 150.00, and only pay us 50.00.

Existing Merchant Account – easily set-up your clients to accept credit card immediately with their existing merchant account numbers for 150.00 set-up fee, 50.00 of which is payable to Arvic.

No Hold Backs – we do not hold back yours, or your client’s payments. All transactions are paid directly to you, or your client the next business day.

Residual Income – for each month that your client continues to use ArvicSecure you will receive 5 cents per transaction over and above the original 100 as your residual income. Therefore, if the average merchant that you sign up does 300 transactions a month, you earn an additional 10.00 per month from that one client.

Free E-Commerce Resources – soon a newsletter will be published on recent updates and news in the e-commerce and Canadian Internet world, which will be available to you and your clients. This free newsletter will discuss the issues pertinent to the Canadian e-commerce industry.

Web Site Services

GeoTrust SSL Certificates – this GeoTrust SSL certificate rivals the industry leader Verisign, however at substantially lower prices, and faster set up times, the new “kid on the block” is rapidly taking over the SSL certificate market. And what better way to set-up a client’s web site than to offer one of best security measures around.

Shopping Cart Software – We have built a fully customizable shopping cart program that we are offering to you at no charge. From there, you have the choice to either give these shopping carts away to your customers as a bonus, or you can sell them to your clients at a price determined by you. Go to www.cadomains.ca/shop/shopindex.asp to see the demo of this shopping cart.

Web Presence Services

.Ca Domain Name Registrations – with the semi-recent privatization of domain name registrations, Arvic has become a CIRA certified Domain Name Registrar. The customer service Arvic gives to its .ca domain name registrants cannot be beaten, and many companies have been switching over to us. Nothing completes an incorporation package, or domain hosting and web design package better than the actual registration or renewal of your client’s domain name. 

All other extensions – we currently offer all other domain extensions as well, however payment will be in US funds.

Corporate Solutions

NUANS Name searches – every good business name needs a good name search. The best part about an Arvic NUANS name search is that our expert opinion is attached. This was our primary business when we first started in 1982; therefore we have 20 years experience in protecting your name rights in Canada. We know a good name from a bad one, and our customers trust that.

Incorporations – Our accredited Corporate Examiners professionally prepares your incorporation with a response time faster than the competition. Many businesses are not aware that they need to be incorporated in order for their domain name to be registered under their business name, therefore, we deal with many numbered companies operating as trade names in order to use their domain name.

Registrations – trade name registrations (sole proprietorships) are still as popular today as they were 20 years ago. There are many uses for a sole proprietorship in the business world, and the names are favoured for their domain name compatibility.

Annual Filings – the most forgotten business practice is the updating of directors, addresses, or names, and the filing of a corporation’s annual return. Have this easy function on your web site, and your clients corporate filings will remain up-to-date and without fault for many years to come.

Business Products – corporate embossing seals and minute books are just as important as ever, and are almost gaining in popularity. We offer a wide variety of seals and minute books to suit the needs of your clients. We ship fully prepared minute books complete with a standard set of By-laws, share certificates, mortgage register, transfers, securities register, and all corporate dividing tabs inside.

Name Protection Solutions

Trademark Consultations – since 1983, Arvic has been giving free Trademark consultations to Canadians concerned about their Intellectual Property rights. Especially since the NAFTA agreement, Trademark concerns have grown ten-fold, and many businesses need to find out their rights across the borders. And again, with the more recent popularity of the Internet and the need for a consistent web presence, name protection has once again become a “Hot Topic” with such scandals as Cyber Squatting.

Trademark Searches – Canada & US trademark searches are performed for each customer in a variety of price ranges and depths. We are currently the only company that searches both the Canadian and US trademark databases for all your requests, to provide a thorough examination of yours, and someone else’s name rights. Get the search done right, with our Registered Trade Mark Agent’s opinion.

Trademark Applications & Registrations – Canada & US applications can be tendered after the appropriate searches have been caused. Each registration is a long and communicatively intense process that has become necessary for name protection in both Canada and the US.

We invite you to join us.

Read about Arvic's background in business and with its customers in order to reassure yourself that you are joining the right team. Also, see why we decided to produce this Reseller Program... not for profit, but for community.

Sales training will be provided for our package of services. You must demonstrate an understanding of, and agree to be bound by, our "Commission Sales Agreement". 

For further information please contact us Toll Free at 1-888-227-8421.

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