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The benefits received from online credit card processing can be very personalized depending on what you need E-Commerce and ArvicSecure for. To better understand what we mean by the terms E-Commerce and ArvicSecure, let's define them.

E-Commerce means, taking your physical ordering system, and placing it online. E-Commerce uses real-time credit card processing to make instant and secured payments online. Thereby turning every order into a paid order. The Internet is perfect for impulse-buying, therefore, why not make it easy for your customers to instantly purchase from you?

The ArvicSecure system in its simplest form is an online Point of Sale Machine that provides a business's web site with real-time online credit card processing capabilities for Canadian E-Commerce. Therefore, instead of having a physical Point of Sale machine to swipe a credit card through, ArvicSecure brings that process online for greater efficiency, and security.

The Benefits of E-Commerce The Benefits to ArvicSecure
Payment automation capabilities Accept Canadian Dollars, on any credit card
Your web site becomes a direct revenue source Real-Time transaction processing
24/7 ordering capabilities  Virtual Terminal can replace your physical P.O.S. machine
Website becomes a salesman Ultimate security
Your web site takes advantage of impulse-buying Use your own Merchant Accounts - no need to pay that premium!
No accounts receivable, only PAID orders Inexpensive compared to the competition
No manual processing 'Proof of Purchase' feature drastically reduces Charge-backs
Brings more Professionalism to your  Web Presence We are a Canadian supplier for your Canadian business
web-stat hit counter We have a network of web sites and services

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